Introduction to Payroll Management

This training course is perfect for the complete beginners with no initial experience or qualifications and/or for anyone having previously worked within payroll but not hasn’t received a qualification. The course includes the basic calculations and preparations of both a weekly and monthly payroll system.
The course is suitable for those students who are:
• New to payroll and who wish to obtain the skill base and knowledge required of payroll personnel prior to a work placement.
• Have previously worked in payroll but have not received a qualification.
• Wanting to return to work in payroll but need to update your knowledge and understandings of the procedures.
• Are already employed in payroll processing or similar roles and wish to ensure that you have a concrete foundation, knowledge and the necessary skills in order to perform some non-routine tasks.
• Wanting to acquire and obtain the skills necessary to use particular software’s such as Sage for your business or to help your clients set up their own payroll system.
• Wanting to provide a payroll service to your clients and customers.


Course Aim

  1. Payroll Administrator Tasks
  2. Enter changes to employee payroll records
  3. Communicate with employees regarding changes in salary, benefits, etc.
  4. Handle voluntary and involuntary deductions
  5. Calculate, key, total, and balance substitute payrolls.
  6. Create reports for information pertaining to payroll.